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Knees in the Breeze

29 October 2018

I did a little motorcycle ride yesterday to the area around work in Alexandria, then went into town and then down the George Washington Memorial Parkway. No doubt about it, it's getting cooler! Just after I arrive home it rained, so... good timing.

I need to take my bike into the nearby gas station for the annual safety inspection sticker or it become unlawful to ride in November. No, no, no... can't have that!

25 October 2018

36 degrees and no windshield (removed for a new safety inspection sticker)... it was a zesty ride into work this morning. Despite my heavy gloves my fingertips began to get cold. My legs got cold, too. I wore a scarf, which helped. Thank goodness for my leather jacket - I love that thing. I may just put the liner back in.

It was cold but... I kind of enjoyed it. It's like being in a rugby scrum or waking up in a canvas tent with the water in your canteen frozen: You know you're alive.

And you question your recreational choices.

I h…
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