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Into My Second Year...

20 August 2019

Yesterday was HOT. I was riding around town on my bike and, at times, could feel surprisingly hot waves of air hitting me.

19 August 2019

Weekend recap! On Friday I took a motorcycle ride with my friend Tom from work. We rode to Culpeper to examine the area around Cedar Mountain, then rode to the Wilderness battlefield. At one point we swapped bikes; he rode my Road King and I rode his Street Glide. (My son commented, "This is cute.") He has a rider backrest - I wanted to see if it makes a ride more comfortable. The jury is still out. I suspect that it will reduce back discomfort after being in the saddle all day.

On the way home on I-95 I passed through a heavy rain. I had just enough time to pull over onto the shoulder and put my rain suit on. I stopped to let the storm pass at Quantico Harley... and that video is here.

On Saturday I met with some of the Fairfax HOGs (Harley Owners Group) to do a show and tell thing with motorcycles at my local library - vide…
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28 March 2019

Permit me a word about the value of rear window defrosters, and of the automotive engineers who designed them back in the 60s or 70s. I'm talking about those thin lines of reddish material that, when 12 volts is applied to them, defrost the rear windows.

I rode the Harley into work this morning and noted a car pulling in front of me whose rear window was entirely frosted over. "Is there any need for me to see out the back? Nawww," I thought. The driver must have received my mental rebuke (I issue lots of them when I'm on a motorcycle) because, as I sat at a light in back, I watched the rear window magically clear. By the time the light had turned green he could see me.

Is there a more indispensable creature to modern civilization than an engineer? I think not.

It was 35 degrees this morning - balmy. No, seriously! I'm used to the cold weather now, and heated gloves, a thick leather jacket, long johns and a scarf under my full face helmet makes cold …