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Into My Second Year...

30 September 2019

Friday was a lot of fun! A very nice day weather-wise, I rode up to the Antietam Battlefield and other sites nearby. Of course there's a video. It's curious that I have never bothered to see the first Washington Monument before. Too busy with Civil War sites, I guess. Anyway - saw that. And I also saw my friend K.C., who I did Civil War reenacting with in 1984... 

25 September 2019

I got my new back Dunlop tire on the Harley. I'd like to say that it feels or rides differently but it doesn't. I'm sure it's safer and grippier, however. At least, I think it is.

Tires wear a lot faster on motorcycles than cars. Forget about getting 30-40,000 miles. The guy at the place where I got mine done says that he'd be upset if a tire lasted 8,000 miles or less and happy if it lasted 15,000 miles or more. At 12,000 miles, mine was showing red with my H-D tire tread depth gauge. My front tire is reading yellow with the gauge. Time for a new front tire, too…
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28 March 2019

Permit me a word about the value of rear window defrosters, and of the automotive engineers who designed them back in the 60s or 70s. I'm talking about those thin lines of reddish material that, when 12 volts is applied to them, defrost the rear windows.

I rode the Harley into work this morning and noted a car pulling in front of me whose rear window was entirely frosted over. "Is there any need for me to see out the back? Nawww," I thought. The driver must have received my mental rebuke (I issue lots of them when I'm on a motorcycle) because, as I sat at a light in back, I watched the rear window magically clear. By the time the light had turned green he could see me.

Is there a more indispensable creature to modern civilization than an engineer? I think not.

It was 35 degrees this morning - balmy. No, seriously! I'm used to the cold weather now, and heated gloves, a thick leather jacket, long johns and a scarf under my full face helmet makes cold …