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Knees in the Breeze

1 October 2018

Despite my chest cold I had a great Shenandoah Valley ride on Friday; video here. My reenacting-turned-motorcyclist friend Barry and I met in Front Royal and rode out to Middletown via the Reliance Road. Then we went down the Valley Pike (Route 11) past the Cedar Creek battlefield. Somehow (Barry, please explain) we got from there to Route 42, the scenic Senedo Road which I have never been on, and eventually took a left onto 211, the New Market Road, into New Market. We ate lunch there. After a brief tour of the New Market battlefield, we headed back to Strasburg via the Valley Pike. I went back home to Springfield via Route 55 and I-66. 255 miles! It was my longest one day ride thus far.

It's October 1st. In addition to pumpkin spice-flavored everything appearing in stores (a guy I know wants to see pumpkin spice gasoline), this day represents a full six months of riding Marva, my Suzuki Boulevard ("Bully") M50. Why is this significant? The Hurt Report - …