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15 January 2019

Last week I mentioned that this August Harley-Davidson is releasing a production electric bike called the Livewire - for nearly $30,000. The reception of this price in the media has been overwhelmingly negative; most reviewers are calling it a sales disaster in the making. Harley also released some information on their lower-cost electric scooters/mopeds/bicycles/e-bikes/I'm not sure what to call them.  The one with the skateboard floorboards looks decidedly odd.

14 January 2019

Friday was fun. Despite the cold I still got a ride in, knowing that snow was on the way. After much discussion about heated grips, heated gloves and heated glove liners with the parts guy at Classic Iron Motorcycles in Fredericksburg, I bought some Highway 21 battery-powered heated gloves! I used them shoveling snow - details below. They work great! (VIDEO.)

On Saturday my wife and I did errands and I returned the Harley-Davidson gloves I bought on 12/26. They were good - just not good enou…