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Into My Second Year...

30 September 2019

Friday was a lot of fun! A very nice day weather-wise, I rode up to the Antietam Battlefield and other sites nearby. Of course there's a video. It's curious that I have never bothered to see the first Washington Monument before. Too busy with Civil War sites, I guess. Anyway - saw that. And I also saw my friend K.C., who I did Civil War reenacting with in 1984... 

25 September 2019

I got my new back Dunlop tire on the Harley. I'd like to say that it feels or rides differently but it doesn't. I'm sure it's safer and grippier, however. At least, I think it is.

Tires wear a lot faster on motorcycles than cars. Forget about getting 30-40,000 miles. The guy at the place where I got mine done says that he'd be upset if a tire lasted 8,000 miles or less and happy if it lasted 15,000 miles or more. At 12,000 miles, mine was showing red with my H-D tire tread depth gauge. My front tire is reading yellow with the gauge. Time for a new front tire, too. Next month.

As it turns out, the guy who replaced my tire at the shop has a son who goes to the same school as my grandson Gibson; they know one another!

24 September 2019

My Harley is at a local custom shop getting a new rear tire. I miss it so. :(

11 September 2019

Patriot Day... it corresponds with tonight's regularly-scheduled HOGs meeting, so we'll have a short meeting and motorcycle up to the Pentagon Memorial. (Note: I didn't go. It rained and as my rear tire was badly in need of replacement and I had to fly out to Utah the next day, I passed.)

9 September 2019

On Friday I did a little ride of about 90 miles. I wasn't able to test ride a Suzuki Bergman at the dealership I visited because they sold their last one! So I rode to Manassas for lunch and then visited the curious town of Quantico, VA (the town surrounded by a military base and the Potomac) to purchase a new USMC sticker for the back of my VW. I also spent some time yakking with motorcycle people.

I eschewed yard sales and did the Asphalt Roller Coaster ride with the HOGs on Saturday. That video is here. It was an all-day ride; I did 234 miles. It was advertised as being a "challenging" ride, but I did fine. At one point on a twisty road on route 211 I confined myself to my usual speeds and fell somewhat behind, but this was okay. (We were told to "ride your own ride" by the Boss Hog.) We all gathered again on the downward straightaway. It was fun!

Sunday was another "Bikes and Breakfast" in Clifton - video. I attended that and then church, and then took a little ride down to Maryland on the Chickamuxen and Riverside Roads.  I got to the southernmost point on Riverside Road, which was something I wasn't able to do last time I was there because the road was flooded and closed.

6 September 2019

Motorcycle Friday! What's my destination for today? Well - I'm not sure. I'm going out on a long ride tomorrow with the HOGs, so I really didn't plan anything major for today. I might just pop down to Coleman Powersports in Woodbridge and test ride a Suzuki Burgman, a maxi-scooter capable of doing freeway speeds. I've always wanted to test ride one of those.

5 September 2019

My first HOGs magazine, printed by Harley-Davidson, came in the mail the other day. Good read. I think I'm going to submit an article for their $100 dollar ride piece. (The ride has to cost $100 or less for gas and food.) Hm. The Snickersville Turnpike recommends itself.

3 September 2019

On Friday I took a ride to Calvert County, Maryland, to look over "beach" (Chesapeake Bay - not ocean) communities. Of course there's a video.

Cari and I took a pleasant motorcycle ride to Clifton for lunch. She likes the windshield to be on to reduce the wind buffeting she feels on her helmet. On hot days I prefer it off - but we're approaching the season where the windshield goes back on permanently. By the end of this month I expect it'll be time to get the leather jacket from out of the closet, too.

30 August 2019

The weather is supposed to be nice and sunny today. So what's in the cards? A motorcycle ride to Prince Frederick, in Calvert County, Maryland, I think. I haven't been there since the 1990s. We once considered moving to "Prince Fredneck" when I had a job in Lexington Park, MD, for a few months in the Spring of 1993. It might be a place to retire. Anyway, I'll check it out, although I'm pretty sure that moving to Maryland after retirement is a no-go. (It's a high tax Blue State.) I'll bring the GoPro.

29 August 2019

It may still be summer, and we still have a few 90 degree days ahead of us, but I motorcycled into work this morning; the air temp was 65 degrees and I could definitely feel autumn waiting in the wings. We're moving into the transitional weather sub-season where I'm between my summer mesh jacket and mesh gloves and my leather jacket and leather gloves...

27 August 2019

I rode the Harley into Clifton yesterday for lunch. I had to. It's curious, how necessary riding a motorcycle has become... While dining I got an angry cell phone call from my wife, who had come home from lunch and seen the bike missing in the garage, "What on earth are you doing on a motorcycle when you're sick?!?" Good question, but by the time yesterday came around I was well enough for a little ride.

23 August 2019

There's a HOGs ride today but I won't be going on it, drat the luck. This head cold I have has morphed into occasional chills and I feel weak and achy (probably a flu) - that being the case, being atop a Harley is not a good plan. Especially when the weather forecast is, "...rain showers early will evolve into a more steady rain for the afternoon." There's a high of only 75 degrees, much cooler. So, no, I'll be taking it easy in bed all day, DayQuilling it.

22 August 2019

There's a HOGs ride tomorrow. If, tomorrow, I feel like I did this morning, I'm not going!

21 August 2019

Last night I watched a live stream of Matt Laidlaw (he's associated with a Harley dealership in Southern California) attending the Harley-Davidson dealer show. Harley is producing an adventure touring bike in 2021 - I don't really care. They are also producing something called a "street fighter" in 2021 - I don't really care about that, either. The Livewire, their electric bike, is due to hit the showrooms soon and I do care about that. I want to demo ride one! They will be about $30,000. Ouch!

If I had Trump's money I'd buy one, however.

20 August 2019

Yesterday was HOT. I was riding around town on my bike and, at times, could feel surprisingly hot waves of air hitting me.

19 August 2019

Weekend recap! On Friday I took a motorcycle ride with my friend Tom from work. We rode to Culpeper to examine the area around Cedar Mountain, then rode to the Wilderness battlefield. At one point we swapped bikes; he rode my Road King and I rode his Street Glide. (My son commented, "This is cute.") He has a rider backrest - I wanted to see if it makes a ride more comfortable. The jury is still out. I suspect that it will reduce back discomfort after being in the saddle all day.

On the way home on I-95 I passed through a heavy rain. I had just enough time to pull over onto the shoulder and put my rain suit on. I stopped to let the storm pass at Quantico Harley... and that video is here.

On Saturday I met with some of the Fairfax HOGs (Harley Owners Group) to do a show and tell thing with motorcycles at my local library - video here. Yes, I cleaned the dried rain spots from off of my bike beforehand. Kids enjoyed clambering onto the seats to pose for cellphone pictures their parents took. Fortunately no kids put their shoes onto the painted areas of my bike, which emerged from the experience unscathed. I was there for about an hour and a half; interacting with kids and parents was easy for me. I did that for many years in Boy Scouting.

I wrote an article for the HOGs online newsletter: Motorcycle Things Part One. I'll do a part two, obviously.

16 August 2019

Motorcycle Friday! I'm riding out again with Tom the Reb from work. Where to? Culpeper, it seems. We shall see.

Did I mention that I attended the Wednesday HOGs meeting at Patriot Harley-Davidson in Fairfax? No, I didn't. I discovered that it's far more comfortable to be seated upon one of the dealership's bikes during the slide show than a folding chair. Wednesday night I plunked myself down on a Road King Special.

I think I'll do one ride with the HOGs per month. Fortunately, they hold what are called "TGIF" rides, on Fridays. The next one is on August 23rd to a pizza joint.

15 August 2019

I took the Harley into work today. It's getting darker in the morning - the days are getting shorter! And I got a visit from an old cold weather friend: visor fogging. It was humid outside.

13 August 2019

I got my Harley back from the dealership all inspected and with new oils. Does it ride any different? Not that I can tell. But the engine internals are cleaner and that should make the engine last longer. I hear about Road Kings with 100,000 miles on them with a strong engine. That's my goal. Geez - I'm 1/10th of the way there. (I average about 1,100 miles every month. I'll hit 100K miles in less than 7 years at the rate I'm going.) I also wanted a Harley mechanic to lay eyes on the bike. Nothing amiss!

12 August 2019
9 August 2019, on a hill overlooking the Shenandoah River

On Friday a Harley-rider I know from work, Tommy, and I rode out to Warrenton and Luray, Virginia. The video of that ride is here. We stopped at a Luray attraction called "Cooter's Place," the epicenter of all things Dukes of Hazzard. Say what you will about Ben Jones, the country-tinged actor ("Cooter") who was formerly a Georgia Representative and now a political pundit and singer, the fellow has certainly carved out a niche for himself. From there we took a scenic 35 mile country road along the Shenandoah back to Front Royal and Route 55 - deeply Trump country -  and thereby to Fairfax County - deeply not Trump Country.

On Sunday I once again attended "Bikes and Breakfast" in Clifton (my video is here).

My Harley is at Patriot Harley in Fairfax right now getting its 10,000 mile service, which includes new motor oil, transmission fluid and primary fluid ("three holes") and a bunch of other checks, inspections and adjustments. While I primarily intend to do my own work on my bike, I wanted a Harley tech to lay eyes on the thing at some point, just to make sure all is well. I'll do the 15,000 mile oil change myself just as I did the 5,000 mile service.
9 August 2019

Motorcycle Friday! I'm heading out to Luray with a friend from work. (Yes, I do have a couple.) No video this time.

Yesterday morning on the way in to work I saw a truck cut off a guy on a BMW motorcycle. Yes, the guy in the truck did indeed get the fickle finger of fate.   

8 August 2019

The only motorcycle riding I did while in Utah for nearly two weeks was a little ride on my daughter's (loud) 2019 Harley Sportster 1200.

22 July 2019

On Friday I went out on a Gettysburg ride with five other HOGs, VIDEO. Was it hot? Yes, it was. Temps in the mid to high 90s, I think. But as long as we were moving along it wasn't bad. There was one point where traffic was backed up along Route 15 because of a car crash, which required us to poke along at 2 mph for a mile or two. (This is in the video.) That was obnoxious!

On an air-cooled Harley a ton of engine heat rises up to fry your inner legs and your left hand is constantly working a mechanical clutch lever: engage clutch - disengage clutch - engage clutch, etc. After ten minutes or so of this, poking along, I did the only thing I could: I starting yelling, "This is GREAT! Give me more! HARLEY-DAVIDSON! Wahoo!" much to the amusement of the guys on bikes around me. I'm a mood-maker. Anyway, I was out for nine hours and rode 237 miles. I think this was my third highest mileage ride thus far. It was certainly my hottest!

The guy scheduling the ride made a mistake: we did our ride the weekend after Gettysburg Bike Week. :( So no demo rides. Actually - it was too hot to do those, anyway. Me and another guy lit out to take a very short tour of part of the battlefield - we went to Little Round Top where it was shady! But it was a fun ride and I'm glad I did it. I think the video turned out well. The only thing I'm sorry about was that I didn't have the GoPro running on the way back when we passed an enormous U.S. flag. The shot of Harleys going down the road with the flag waving in the background was visually arresting - but it's only in my mind's eye. I couldn't activate the GoPro fast enough. Sorry.

On Saturday evening I went on another little ride to the Manassas battlefield, and on Sunday me and Geoff went to Clifton for breakfast.

The odometer on the Harley now reads over 10,000 miles. Time for a service. I'll bring it to the dealership next month.

19 July 2019

This morning I'm meeting the HOGs at Patriot Harley-Davison for a ride out to Gettysburg. GETTYSBURG! Why Gettysburg? Because it's Bike Week up there. I see there will be demo rides from the local dealership; I like demo rides. I want to try riding an FXDR 114.

Yes, it'll be hot outside tomorrow. The forecast is for a high of 96 in the late afternoon, so I'll be riding without my windshield. Air-cooled, in the breeze, the way I like it. I'm bringing a bunch of pre-frozen insulated bottles with ice in them and some Gatoraid. I've been to Gettysburg in the summer wearing dark blue wool uniforms (Civil War reenacting) and I'll be there wearing motorcycle gear. The motorcycle gear will have to be cooler! In fact... rugby and motorcycling are both much cooler than reenacting.

I'll take a video of the activities, of course.

16 July 2019

Stats: I'm riding my Harley a lot. How much? I bought the bike on 12/11 of last year, just over seven months ago. I've put 7,610 miles on it since then. That works out to about 1,087 miles a month, or an average of 271 miles a week! I'm riding that much? Gee, it doesn't seem like it... On last Friday's ride, which was mostly freeway riding, I got just over 42 miles per gallon. In mixed city/freeway riding I get about 37 mpg. A bit better than a car, but, "Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of a car window. Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul."

15 July 2019

On Friday I rode out to Harpers Ferry via the Snickersville Turnpike with a Harley-owning friend from work. (No video this time.) It was a lot of fun! It's been quite a while since he's been there and so I was able to point out the stuff that the Park Service has added - a lot since the 1990s. It turned into a hot day, but I broke one of my rules about always wearing a protective mesh jacket and rode in shirt sleeves, cop style. It was a 156 mile ride; I left at 9 AM and returned at 5:30.

On Sunday morning me and Geoff - the fellow who bought my Suzuki Bully - rode to Clifton for their "Bikes and Breakfast" event. It was fun! VIDEO. I think I liked that pretty Ducati best, the one with the Italian flag in back. There's a gathering every second Sunday of the month in the morning - this is the first one I've ever done. But it won't be the last.

12 July 2019

Going for a ride out to Aldie, Philomont, Bluemont, Mt. Weather and maybe Linden via signed Virginia byways with a guy at work. He owns a Street Glide. (We're meeting at Dulles.) I'm hoping the roads are dry and in good condition; we had quite a downpour yesterday.

11 July 2019

At the HOGS meeting, looming over everyone else.
HOGs (Harley Owners Group) meeting last night at Patriot Harley in Fairfax; I attended and joined the local chapter. (I was already a member of the national HOGs.) I also now have a Harley-Davidson VISA card that I shall use to buy Harley stuff and Harley services at the Harley dealership. When I do I get Harley rewards. The only things left to me now are purchasing Harley monogrammed clothing, putting up Harley Christmas lights outside the house in December, getting an orange and black toilet lid and cover, sticking Harley stickers on my cars and getting a colossal Harley tattoo on my back. (My wife has declined getting Harley logo fingernail decals.) Maybe I'll park my Harley on front of the church on Sundays.

Did I forget to mention that I own a Harley?

You have to admire the Motor Company's (what the Old School Harley guys call Harley-Davidson) aggressive advertising, brand placement and clothing distribution. It's the kind of thing that McDonalds or Starbucks would love to have. Get that logo out there! Here's an interesting article about Harley branding. "Occasionally, however, a brand emerges without the panoply of wall-to-wall advertising and in-your-face marketing." I beg to differ! I get daily e-mail summons to buy clothing: clothing for men, clothing for women, clothing to ride, clothing to drink, clothing styled in the manner of stuff prior to 1950 - you name it. Ah, well, if you're having difficulty selling motorcycles, sell clothes.

9 July 2019

I got my HOGs (Harley Owners Group) SWAG in a mail yesterday. They are big on patches and pins...

8 July 2019

My usual Friday motorcycle ride was short. Rain was expected in the afternoon plus I had to be back earlier to visit a person in a hospital (a church thing). So I simply rode down to Fredericksburg to the Indian dealership and test rode a full dresser bike, the Indian Roadmaster. I liked it better than the Harley model with the fork-mounted fairing (the Ultra Limited Classic), but not as much as the Harley Road Glide Ultra, with the frame mounted fairing. I like the uncrowded, no-dashboard-in-your-face ride. Video. I had a crappy lunch meal served to me in a Fredericksburg diner - I'm not going there anymore!

5 July 2019

So, today, Friday. I normally take a long motorcycle ride. The problem is it looks like rain or thundershowers in the afternoon. I'm not sure where I'm going.

3 July 2019

My Harley has more than 9,000 miles on it now (I bought it in December with just over 2,000 miles on it), and so I'm looking for a dealership for a 10,000 mile service. I suppose I could do this stuff myself but I think I'd like to have a Harley tech put his eyes on it. The more or less standard cost is just over $400, but one dealership wants over $600! What's the deal?!?

1 July 2019

Harley Road Glide Ultra
Friday was fun. Hot, but fun. I did an abbreviated ride, often on shady, tree-lined streets. That video is here. When I was sitting eating lunch in Foster's Grill in Manassas I decided to test ride a couple of Harleys at the nearby Battlefield Harley dealership. So I did: 2019 Ultra Classic Limited (fork-mounted fairing) and a 2019 Road Glide Ultra (frame-mounted fairing). I preferred the Road Glide Ultra even though I'm not a fan of that weird-looking shark nose front end. I liked the fact that the dashboard is further away from me. It's more free and open, like my Road King is when I remove the windshield. I like seeing more of the open road in front of me; I also enjoy being in the wind on hot days. (Of course, if taking the thing across the country I'm sure the buffeting gets old.)

Cari and I took a motorcycle ride to Manassas Battlefield Park on Sunday; that was our longest two-up ride thus far. She likes the windshield attached. I thought my body in front would be blocking her, but as she's sitting higher, no, she gets the wind buffeting it in the helmet doing 60 mph or so. So, when she's on, so is the windshield!

28 June 2019

The forecast is for HEAT (94-96 degrees), on my motorcycle ride Friday. Will this keep me off the Harley? Hahahahaha... NO. It's true that riding a Harley on a hot day can be a real challenge. Mine has a 103 cubic inch engine. That's equivalent to nearly 1.7 liters; I once owned a Porsche which had a smaller engine than that! My awesome Road King, being a touring class bike, has the temperature management system which switches on during hot days. When the computer detects that the engine reaches a certain temperature and that you are sitting at a light idling, it shuts down one cylinder. The engine then makes an odd puffing sound. You can disable the system, but I'm used to it and I figure I'll get more engine life using it.

Given that a 103 Twin Cam Harley engine is entirely air-cooled, that's a lot of heat rising up at the rider at stops. Solution? Don't stop so often (avoid crowded city streets and, certainly, I-95) and ride on shady, tree-lined streets. I have some local rides in mind where I can do that. I think, also, that I'll perhaps get an earlier start and get back home no later than about 1:30, before the heat of the day begins pouring it on. Then I'll go home, sit in my comfy padded chair in an air-conditioned room under a ceiling fan, pour myself a Fresca on the rocks - I may even insert a little umbrella into the glass - and play something cool, Daddy-O.

24 June 2019

This past weekend was great! On Friday I took a very pleasant ride out to the Snickersville Turnpike and also Unison and Cool Spring, VA - two Civil War sites I never knew about. Yes, there is a video; a long one. I think from now on I'm going to simply show the plaques and invite viewers to watch them if desired and not read them myself. That'll lower running times.

On Saturday morning me, my wife and a friend rode our bikes out to Clifton for breakfast.

I joined the HOGs (Harley Owners Group)! Well, that is, the national group. You get one free tow to the nearest Harley dealership if you break down somewhere, worth $100. Also, you get a magazine which I've read and like. And some patches and other stuff. I haven't yet joined the local chapter; this is where the HOG rides get organized.

21 June 2019

It's a perfect day for a ride - and so I shall. The plan is to ride up the Fairfax County Parkway, west on I-66, north on Route 28, north on Braddock Road, west on route 50 and up the Snickersville Turnpike, where I shall take my time looking at this historic Virginia byway. Then I ride west on 50 to a Parker Lane, the end of which is the Cool Spring 1864 Civil War battlefield I've never heard of, let alone seen. Then, possibly, to Harpers Ferry, 25 miles away. It's interesting that I'm stumbling across minor Civil War sites I've never known about. I've seen a bunch of them since I've been on two wheels.

17 June 2019

The (Photoshopped) Snickersville Turnpike
This past weekend was fun!

Friday's motorcycle ride was to Routes 17 south and 301 north in Caroline County and King George County in Virginia - initially, in search of retirement places to live. Is there a video? Of course.

I didn't plan to turn this into the John-Wilkes-Booth-escape-from-D.C. Tour, but that's what it became. I had forgotten that Route 301 was his escape route south - I rode north on it, maintaining my strange occasional habit of experiencing things backwards. (Note: The only Lincoln assassination sites I had seen prior to this was Ford's Theatre and the Surratt House.) So... new American history sites. Cool! It was also a very pleasant day for a ride. I liked what I saw of Caroline County out that way. ("That way" being drive down to Fredericksburg and take a left.)

While in Port Royal I stopped into an antiques shop and came across this photo. I like it. Not because it's me - I never wanted to ride a motorcycle as a child - but because it describes the boys in my generation so well. That bike is classic Schwinn. I had one like it when I was twelve, a Ram's Horn Fastback.

Saturday was fun, too. I attended a Harley Owners Group presentation on group rider safety - got a patch, they're nuts about patches - then took a cool group "new member" (still not one) ride out to the Snickersville Turnpike and Linden, VA. There is a video of that, too. Cari went to Frederick, MD to pal around with a friend. I want to take her on the Snickersville Turnpike ride someday; it is incredibly scenic. I've been a Virginia for 32 years and I've never heard of it - amazing. (Although, in fairness, I am discovering that the historic places a Civil War reenactor would have likely have visited are not necessarily the places that motorcyclists like to visit.)

I didn't get to read any of the markers along the way - a problem with group riding - but the Snickersville Turnpike is a Virginia Byway and a "thing." We rode over Hibbs Bridge. And hmmmm.... a Civil War cavalry action. Interesting. Clearly, I need to take another ride to this place and get to know it better!

14 June 2019

The Open Road calls to me and my Harley. Where am I headed? Down Route 17 east, I think. You ride down I-95 to Fredericksburg and turn left. I'll take a look at the area and the homesites thataway - toward Dahlgren. This is another chapter in my continuing search for retirement communities that are affordable (more affordable than Fairfax County - which is like 95% of the U.S.) and yet easily commutable to the D.C. 'Burbs. I do not believe I have ever been to Dahlgren.

Yes, there will be a video.

Tomorrow morning I'm attending a couple of HOG seminars and a ride. No yard sales. Yes, there will be a video. (I produce lots and lots of media.)

13 June 2019

Last night I visited the Harley-Davidson dealership in Fairfax where a meeting of the HOGs (Harley Owner's Group) was taking place. I'm pretty sure I'd like to join - but I haven't yet. (I'm a cautious soul and always want to make sure I know what I'm getting into. It took me nearly a year to decide upon enlisting in the Marines.) They have a couple of thing things going on this Saturday I'll probably take part in (as Cari will be away): A group riding and two up riding seminar on Saturday morning and a new member ride on Saturday afternoon.

There was light rain on the way home in the dark, but, meh, big deal. I just rode more cautiously than usual and got home just fine. I was wondering why there so many cars in the parking lot when I arrived. Now I know.


10 June 2019

I feel better this morning than I did Friday, the day of the surgery, but my sinuses have been bleeding for the last three days. That kind of took things out of me. For instance, I haven't even wanted to ride my motorcycle for the past few days!

I've ridden 11,200 miles on two bikes since 1 April 2018, an average of 772 miles per month.

7 June 2019

Whoa. Sinus surgery this morning. I feel dozy and light-headed, and there is some pain. I took an oxycodone. My nose is bleeding. My sense of time is all messed up today. Is it 1:30 PM already? Geez.

Motorcycle ride today, as is my wont on Fridays? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

I'm going to bed...

3 June 2019

Friday was cool; I motorcycled to Harpers Ferry on a very pleasant day. I have two videos: (1) The normal video style with talking, etc. (2) One for Civil War buffs with horrible period music featuring the ride in and out of the historic district. (This is for people who have never been to Harpers Ferry but would like to get an idea of the lay of the land.) In the evening we watched the grandsons.

I also fitted a genuine Harley-Davidson Tour Pak to my Road King; it took some finagling. I had to take apart a lever and oil it. But it works just fine now. A guy at work traded in his 2003 Road King for a Road Glide but kept this to give to me. I talked to three Harley parts guys who all said that a 2003 Tour Pak shouldn't fit the bracket on a 2016 Road King. I didn't believe them and tried anyway. It does. Photo one, photo two. You can fit a full size helmet in one of these. Hooray!

31 May 2019

A friend at work gave me the leather tour pack from his 2003 Road King. I'm in the process of seeing if it fits onto the bracket on my rear fender. It also provides a passenger backrest. And pretty much entirely conceals my license plate.

30 May 2019

A friend at work had a 2003 Harley Road King; he bought a new Road Glide Ultra so he gave me the tour pack from his old bike. I'm going to see if it fits the bracket on my bike or if I can get an adapter bracket for it. Or a new adapter. I'd like to make it work if I can as it's a nice piece of motorcycle luggage.

29 May 2019

I rode the Harley into work, risking a 30% chance for thundershowers at 4 PM. The weather guy on TV last night said that the showers would arrive later towards the evening. I hope so! (Update: No rain or thunder. But HOT, 93 degrees.)

The other day we found a plaid fall-winter shirt for me in a J.C. Penney store that looks very much like something you'd find in a Harley-Davidson dealership - marked $15. When it came time to ring it up it was only $3 and some change! I plan to get a couple of embroidered H-D patches and sew these onto the shirt!

28 May 2019

On Friday I finally did my ride out to Front Royal and visited that Confederate Museum. VIDEO. Sorry for the raucous rock music at the beginning. I realized that it's really the wrong music for the subject, but I was too lazy and preoccupied to go back and remaster the video to change it. Anyway, it was a good visit because I learned that when one rides down Route 55 to Front Royal (a scenic and very pleasant ride), one is traversing a Civil War battlefield - the Battle of Wapping Heights, July 23, 1863, which was fought just to the east of Front Royal. 440 casualties. Most Civil War battles have two names, and this one is no exception - it's also known as the Battle of Manassas Gap. Once again, a new thing was learned: When one is on Route 55 to Front Royal, one is making his way through a geological feature called the Manassas Gap. Why? Manassas is nowhere near it...

The rally/party at the Harley dealership was fun, too... that's depicted at the end of the video.

In fact, it was such an interesting event that on Saturday I put the passenger backrest on the bike and took my wife to it. We hung out and met a rugby-playing and motorcycle-riding friend who gave me a set of Smith and Wesson handcuffs. Afterwards we biked to Tyson's Corner, did some shopping, and biked home. This was the first time I took her out on the Beltway on the Harley. She enjoyed it.

Sunday was the day of the Rolling Thunder Rally at the Pentagon and in D.C., and in the morning I ventured north to the Pentagon outskirts and got caught up in a part of it. That video is here: A Tiny Part of Rolling Thunder. It's well-named: all those motorcycles actually does sound like distant thunder. This is supposed to be the last Rolling Thunder event, but I can't believe that thousands of bikers will be content to just forget about it and not show up at something or another.

23 May 2019

Three day weekend coming up (for me, four days) - Memorial Day, the traditional beginning of summer. The weather forecast for Friday is good. Hooray! No rain! Perhaps now I can finally make that trip to Front Royal I've been thinking about. This is also the weekend of the area's biggest motorcycle rally, "Rolling Thunder." I have no plans to take part. I'm a little nervous about being around a whole lot of motorcycles. An experienced friend of mine tells me that it's somewhat scary: riders waving at the crowds and not really paying attention to their riding, etc.

21 May 2019

Yesterday my friend Bob sent me this text message: "Wes, you need to do a long blog post about why you like riding." Okay, can do.

Ever since I can remember I've been a ride-the-rides sort of guy. I distinctly recall a visit to Disneyland when I was about five or six. Mom demanded that we stand in a huge line to get pancakes at the Aunt Jemima Pancake House, and so we did. I loved pancakes as much as any kid, but one can get pancakes at any time. We're in Disneyland! There are rides here! Why aren't we riding them? In those days you paid for rides with tickets, and the back of the ticket booklet had a checklist of the rides available, with a little empty box next to the names of each of the rides and attractions. I recall looking at it impatiently while Mom finished her pancakes.

(Note: I once did a day at Disneyland with the friend who requested this blog post. I insisted upon getting there early and we did not leave until closing time. I basically ran him ragged. We rode some of my favorite rides multiple times. On the way home he said that he had no idea that it was possible to ride so damn many rides at the park in one long damn day.)

But it's only recently that I made the motorcycling-theme park ride connection. I find myself biking out to Clifton rather frequently these days; it's a little hamlet in the woods about fifteen miles away. There's a popular little general store/pub there where I buy myself an 8 oz. ice cold glass bottle of Diet Coke; I sit out on the porch and chat with other guys (often retirees) while I drink it. Clifton Road is designated a "Virginia Byway," which means that it's picturesque. One of the first features of this road one encounters is a spot where the trees are high and come together at the treetops, providing a natural tunnel of solid green shade. On hot days it is noticeably cooler under the trees than elsewhere on the road, and my spirit always lifts when I enter this woodsy part on my Harley. It reminds me of the shady Kindergarten playground at my first elementary school. When I see the light slanting down from the treetops the years fade away and I am young again. What's more, it's uphill. Whenever I reach this point I lean back and go Ahhhhhh.

The speed limit is 35-40 mph on Clifton Road, and I feel no need to go faster than that. I've discovered that I can leave the bike in third gear practically the entire way (the revs are right in the power band) and put my feet comfortably up on the highway pegs. It's a very pleasant little ride. There are fields, woods and nice homes with weathervanes to see.

Pulling into Clifton, the road descends through a series of tight, decreasing radius corners and the entry into the downtown area is very much like a Disney dark house ride. It's almost a theatrical effect, in fact. I park in front of the general store/pub - often with other motorcycles parked there. Clifton is a big motorcyclist destination.

But Clifton is just one ride and one place! In the thirteen months I've been motorcycling I've made all sorts of trips, and they are covered in my YouTube Motorcycle Playlist. There are 78 videos here.

And then there's riding in the open, heading down a freeway or a country road. I can ride at 35 mph or at 65 mph - I really don't care. I'm happy either way. Oftentimes I don't really care about the views from the bike, either. A nice country scene is very pleasant, but I get almost as much enjoyment as when the view around is cars and concrete embankments. There is something about being perched atop a big V-twin engine cruising at speed that is deeply satisfying and therapeutic. My Harley 103 cid twin cam is a shaky proposition at stop lights (it's just what Harleys do), and when it's hot the rear cylinder cuts out to help the engine run cooler - at these times the engine sounds positively odd, huffing and puffing. But at speed all the vibrations mostly disappear and one is soothed with the throaty basso of the pipes and the distinct feeling that one is riding a sort of wave - the way surfers describe. I think of it as an engine wave: compress, fire, expel, compress, fire, expel...

And then there's the slipstream, the wind. I love being in the wind. I have always looked forward to windy days - I like it when the scenery is shuddering - and being atop a bike is like being in a never-ending windy day. The windshield on my Road King is removable. For all-day trips where I'm doing a lot of freeway riding it makes sense to have the windshield on. It moderates the 65 mph buffeting one gets on the chest. But a lot of the time I like to take the windshield off - especially on hot days. The wind blows right through my mesh jacket and the cooling is wonderful.

The standard Harley Road King is notable for having lots of chrome. Nowadays the blacked-out look is popular - that's the Road King Special - but I love chrome. On sunny days when there are clouds, all that gets reflected in the chrome. It looks amazing, especially though the Transitions-darkened visor on my helmet. The pink, orange and blue of sunrise reflected in a chrome front end is just indescribable.

And then there's The Freedom. Harley-Davidson's advertising makes a constant point of this, but it is inarguable that being atop a motorcycle makes you more a part of the scenery than being in a car. You have a much closer connection to the road (your boot heels are making direct Flintstonian contact with it, in fact), and a long as there have been American roads there has been American freedom. And where we don't have roads, we make them. I think wanderlust is in an American's DNA the way it isn't with Europeans or anyone else. Whether it's freighthopping on a train or riding an iron horse motorcycle down a road, the ability to pick up and leave and journey is a deeply-rooted American liberty.

Finally, I've ridden Suzukis, Zeros, Kawasakis, Victorys, Hondas, Indians and Can-Ams. They're all great, but nothing makes me feel the way I do riding a Harley. An American on an American bike on an American road. DANG.

So, Bob, that's why I like to ride. Well, that's a part of it, anyway.

20 May 2019

My Friday motorcycle ride was a rather short (107 miles) and unexciting one: I rode to Fredericksburg, visited Classic Iron where I bought my Harley, had lunch at a diner I like, then stopped at a Harley dealership in Triangle (where I had a good conversation with one of the sales guys) and had a Coke in Clifton. Stuff I've done before. Stuff I've done too often, probably.

I-95 backed up badly because of a crash on the way home - a frequent occurrence - so I had to use Route 1. So my ride was no big deal and certainly nothing I haven't done before. But it was a ride... which is all that counts. Being on that motorcycle is therapeutic in a way I cannot describe. I wish these thunderstorms would quit appearing in the northern part of the Shenandoah Valley on Fridays - I want to ride west!

I went home, sat in my favorite chair and took a nap, and something happened to me that has never happened to me before: I was startled awake by a dream, twice. I dreamed about being on a motorcycle, and was happily riding down a road. All of a sudden I can see a car in the opposite lane coming into my lane and I’m headed right for him - I woke with a jolt, my eyes wide open. I’ve seen this sort of thing happen with television and movie characters, but I have never had it happen to me. Weird. So I tell my wife about this and settle back into my chair where I again doze off. (This is only about five or ten minutes later.) Again, I'm on a motorcycle riding down a road when I see a mother and her children stepping off a curb and into my lane; I'm about to hit them. BAM, startled awake wide-eyed again! Weirder still!

As I currently have some worrisome health concerns my wife suggested that this is at the root of the anxious dreaming, and she's probably correct.

Yesterday was pretty hot. Before and after church I took a short motorcycle ride to get out into the breeze. I chatted with a talkative fellow who arrived in Clifton on a Harley Dyna festooned with "Sturgis" everywhere, Sturgis being a big annual motorcycle gathering in South Dakota. He was sharing stories about his various motorcycle mishaps. A careful listening and cross examination by me confirmed that all of his accidents happened as a result of his doing something that was not entirely wise. When it comes to motorcycles, I try to learn from others' mistakes. It's less painful that way.

17 May 2019

I was planning a long and ambitious ride west out to Front Royal to meet a friend, then a ride to Madison and then home again (about 215 miles total) - but he developed a fever with chills. So he's out. The other thing is that the weather forecast changed overnight... now there is upwards of a 50% chance for thunderstorms in the afternoon out west. Hm. Same situation I had May 3rd. The weather forecast is more promising to the south - so I guess I ride south again!

14 May 2019

Yesterday I wrote about the Zero FXS, an electrical motor-powered bike I was impressed with. At one point I got around to viewing Zero's promotional video for it. Let's see: our rider starts out precariously balanced atop a parking structure wall, he mounts the bike and does wheelies, two wheel jumps, rubber burning, he's wearing no gloves, he blasts down what appears to be a sidewalk, stands upon the pegs, balances upon the front wheel... Zero appears to be marketing the FXS to the young amputation candidate. How did Zero's legal counsel give a green light to this video? The FXS is an absolutely sensible commuter bike for those of us not desiring chronic pain - but you wouldn't know it from the video.

13 May 2019

The Zero FXS: $8.5K or $10.5K depending upon battery.
Rain. No motorcycling today.

Saturday was fun. I got an email from Indian Motorcycles telling me that if I test rode an Indian bike in May the "Call of Duty Endowment" (funding organizations that prepare veterans for careers) gets $50. Okay! So I test rode an Indian Chieftain, which is their version of the Harley Street Glide, with a fork-mounted fairing. I took a video. Nice bike but... I'm happy with my Harley Road King. The Indian - with its big 116 CID V-twin engine - reminded me of the Harley Heritage Softtail with its big 114 CID V-twin, which I also test rode. To me it feels like you are not sitting on a fully-designed motorcycle but upon a big, lumpy engine surrounded with a frame and handlebars. I suppose the 103 Twin Cam V-twin on my Harley can also be said to be like that to some degree, but it feels more like I'm sitting on a product designed to give more of the feeling of a comprehensively-designed vehicle. That is, all the parts are in balance and functionally reinforce one another. The bigger V-twins are popular right now but I get the sense that they cannot and should not get any bigger.

(Asterisk: My 103 Twin Cam engine is very shaky at stops. It's the classic thing that Harleys do and are loved for. What I'm talking about is vibration at speed. My V-twin smooths out at speed. The bigger V-twins feel shaky when on the move.)

I also rode a Zero FXS electrical bike. Video here. Whoooo-boy, was that fun! 78 foot-pounds of instantly-available torque in a bike weighing less than 300 pounds... it flies! Last year I rode a Zero S, which was my introduction to the world of electrically-powered motorcycles, so I knew what to expect. The FXS has a somewhat better seating position for me than the leaned forward one on the S. Every time I came to a stop in the S it felt like my body wanted to fly forward over the handlebars. The FXS has more of an up and down touring bike seating position. That being said, it's no touring bike, however. Being on that seat for more than about an hour would hurt. I can see why guys own more than one motorcycle - "the proper horse for the course." The Road King could be my all-day touring bike and the Zero FXS a commuter bike for my 25 mile round trip to and from work. The $8,500 version with the 50 mile range would be suitable. (Pay an extra $2K and you double the range. Pay $600 for the speed charger and you dramatically reduce the time to fully charge.)

I am unlike the typical dismissive Harley owner in that I think electrical bikes are cool. No clutch, transmission, oil, coolant, spark plugs or exhaust... maintenance is easy. I suspect these things may be the wave of the future in the way quartz watches took over the market share from mechanical watches. However, old forms persist: fountain pens, mechanical watches and vinyl records became the desirable luxury items with "soul." Perhaps in another 10 or 20 years gasoline-powered motorcycles will become the luxury items if most motorcyclists own electric bikes.

Coming back from lunch in Clifton - my wife was out shopping for fabric - I encountered some rain, which gave me the opportunity to wear the Harley-Davidson rain gear I bought on sale in Utah. It stows nicely in my saddlebag. It works fine! I think I need a black velcro band to secure the pants bottoms more closely to my legs, however. I'm concerned about getting the rain gear plastic near the hot exhaust. Melted plastic is almost impossible to get fully off of a hot chrome pipe.

At dusk my wife and I encountered something in the car I fear while on a bike: deer leaping over the railings to dash across the street. Hit one of those in a car and you have bodywork to repair. Hit one on a bike and they do repair body work on you.

9 May 2019

Last night I understood that there was the monthly meeting of the HOGS - Harley Owners Group - meeting at the local Harley dealership, so I stopped by to check it out. When I got to the door an employee told me that the meeting was cancelled because it conflicted with a funeral. I guess I should have double-checked. So I buried my disappointment with a couple of scoops of Baskin-Robbins ice cream.

8 May 2019

I fixed the rear flat tire on my motorcycle yesterday... I pulled the piece of metal from the tread and plugged it, which is exactly what a gas station would do. And now I understand tire plugging technology! So far it holds air just fine but I shall check again today - and more often.

So how long can I/should I ride on this tire? I have read accounts of people driving for 10,000 miles and years on a plugged tire. (I think we did this on our Hyundai.) The rear tire on my Suzuki was plugged; I changed it later. The tire has 6,700 miles on it. A motorcycle guru yesterday told me, "If you got less than 8,000 miles on a motorcycle tire you'd be disappointed. If you got more than 15,000 on a motorcycle tire you'd be happy." There's still an acceptable amount of tread on the tire so I think I'll just leave it on until I replace both tires. Or perhaps before that a little voice in my head will whisper, "Change out that tire."

7 May 2019

Flat rear tire on my motorcycle! I unknowingly rode all the way home from Clifton with it that way... the front tire felt kind of odd and twitchy in turns so I thought the problem was there. Nope. Good thing the tire has very stiff sidewalls. I somehow acquired a piece of metal in the tread. I don't know if it can be plugged or if I need to get a new tire. (When I bought my Suzuki the rear tire - which I later replaced - had a plug in it.) Whichever it is, I won't be riding it for a while.

Hey, look, an animated Harley Twin Cam engine! This is the one in my bike. (If you don't see it, change browsers.)

6 May 2019

My Friday motorcycle ride was exactly as I described that it would be - a trip to Spotsylvania Courthouse. The video is here. There are a lot of Civil War locations in Virginia and, despite the fact that I've lived in the state for nearly 32 years, I haven't seen them all. Riding the length of the Brock Road from Spotsylvania Courthouse to the Wilderness Crossroads was cool.

Dropping the key on my front fender and creating a paint chip on the immaculate Harley-Davidson paint job was heartbreaking, but I'm over it. It hit it with the touch-up paint and it isn't so glaringly visible. As my friend Kelly might say, You can either ride the bike or baby it. A problem came to light, however, when I attempted to check the tire pressure on the back tire: I can't. The valve stem core seems to be jammed. I can move the tiny rod in the middle of the valve down, but no air comes out. It looks like I'm going to be replacing a valve stem core. It isn't a difficult operation, but getting my big hands past the disc brake which blocks the access to the stem is a challenge.

3 May 2019

Friday! Day off! Where to ride to today? I was planning to take the mighty Road King west to Front Royal to visit a Confederate Museum in town that I've never seen, but the forecast out that way is for thundershowers in the afternoon. While I have some rain gear in a bag that sits in my saddlebag, I won't knowingly ride into thundershowers. The forecast for points south is clear - so it looks like I head south.

One trip I'm considering is a ride down to Fredericksburg to the Stafford Courthouse Road, then up the Brock Road to Orange Plank Road. I've never done that. At least, not that I recall. So it looks like a Stafford County day today.

I think I'll take the GoPro.

2 May 2019

I'm wearing the Harley-Davidson shirt I bought myself for my birthday.

30 April 2019

My daughter Meredith is doing well on her Harley Sportster. She took it onto the streets the other day. She's taking the same approach I did last year, little by little, expanding her boundaries...

29 April 2019

Friday: It rained, but not until about 2 PM. I did various errands. Had I known the rain was going to hold off I'd have ridden somewhere.

Saturday: It was a beautiful day so we secured at about Noon and my wife and I took a motorcycle ride into Clifton where we had lunch. That was a lot of fun. The day was bright, dry and gusty - it reminded me of California.

26 April 2019

Rain. Grrrrr. Today I have to drive a car around like ordinary people.

25 April 2019

I got some rather unfortunate health news yesterday - I won't be explaining it here - and so in the afternoon I took a 100+ mile motorcycle ride out in the country to clear my head. It worked wonders. Just me, the roar of the bike as muffled by my earplugs, and my thoughts in a full face helmet.

There are motorcycles with powerful audio systems (Harley's Street Glide, Road Glide and Ultra), but I don't need that at all. If I have to listen to music while out on the road there's my Volkswagen. My Road King has everything you need for all day riding - saddlebags, a bigger touring frame for a more solid and planted ride on freeways, a windshield and cruise control - and nothing you don't need.

My ride took me out to the The Plains, Virginia, along I-66. I started by heading down I-95 in the HOV lane and taking the Prince William County Parkway from I-95 S to I-66 W. I've never done that before because I didn't know the two interstates were connected. I know it was a country ride because when I got home I had to clean off the bugs from my visor, windshield and forks... As usual, I avoided the rush hour traffic by taking the back roads home which took me by my usual haunt of Clifton, VA, where I enjoyed a Coke and briefly chatted with a pair of retirees.

The forecast is for rain tomorrow - drat! The second Friday in a row where the weather has messed up my ride day.

24 April 2019

A perfect motorcycle commute into work! Why? (1) The days are getting longer and it was dawn at 6:08 AM when I left the house. It's much pleasanter to ride in with the pretty colors in the sky (reflected in my chrome) than in cold darkness. (2) The temperature was 67 degrees when I left the house, so I wore my summer armored mesh jacket. It's nice to feel the breeze blow through the fabric, which was aided by, (3) I took the windshield off the Road King. Hello Spring and Summer!

The more I think about it, the more I consider my Harley rides to merely be a continuation of the rides I used to take on my 1964 Schwinn Sting Ray when I was a kid. I appears that one of my lifetime pleasures is riding around the neighborhood or region on a bike, motorized or not. Yesterday I rode to Clifton, as is my occasional wont, and saw the pretty red Indian Springfield that I sometimes see parked or heading down a street in Springfield. The owner came out of the pub wearing a mesh jacket exactly like mine, which I used as a conversation starter. We chatted about our bikes. He's about my age and height, and lives in Springfield/Burke. We'll probably bump into one another again.

Did I mention this? No. My daughter Meredith passed the MSF motorcycle course last weekend! (Video.) And a couple of days ago she and her husband bought a Harley Sportster 1200! Am I worried? Of course I am. I'm her father. But... she has really good balance and seems to take to it naturally. The videos I have seen indicate that she's really good at low speed riding - which is a challenge for anyone. She's a fitness instructor so that's why, I suppose.

22 April 2019

Because of rain on Friday I didn't get much of a motorcycle ride in (video). But on Saturday my wife was away for three hours or so, so I took a short ride to the Manassas battlefield where I sat at the base of a tree on Henry House Hill and watched the big puffy clouds blow by. It was a clear, breezy day and was quite pleasant. That's the Widow Judith Henry house on the horizon. Her story is a sad one. From wikipedia: "On July 21, 1861, the house was inhabited by ... Judith Carter Henry, and their two sons. The 85-year-old woman was bed-ridden and unable to leave the house. Mrs. Henry was mortally wounded when a projectile of the Union artillery crashed through the bedroom wall and tore off one of her feet and inflicted multiple injuries, from which she died later that day." The takeaway: If you are a frail old woman who is confined to a bed, have somebody get you off to safety before your property becomes a battlefield. Come to think of it, even if you are able bodied, a battlefield is a poor place to attempt to hunker down in the house.

19 April 2019

Good Friday... at 9 AM I set out on my Harley to get at least an hour or two of riding in before the forecast thunderstorms arrived. Here's the video:

A "Better than Nothing" Ride to Clifton, Virginia (4/19/19)

I used some nice copyright free music offered by YouTube, "Sunflower" by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena. The strummed guitar chords seem pastoral and woodsy. You get about six minutes of it.

Until I get a different GoPro and a microphone in my helmet so I can narrate, I think my moto-video blog style will have to be video, music and captions. Well - it's different, anyway. All the other motorcycle blog videos feature narration.  

16 April 2019

I was able to get a little motorcycling riding in yesterday during lunch: I rode to the independent Italian-owned pizza place near me, Bozzelli's. The wind was very gusty, but other than make a lot of noise in my helmet it doesn't really impede a 300 pound man atop a 800+ pound Harley. At no time did I feel like I was in danger of getting blown off course.

15 April 2019

On Friday I got a short motorcycle ride to the dry cleaners and the library in before it started raining.

On Saturday morning I drove over to the Patriot Harley-Davidson dealership in Fairfax for their Demo Day. Demo Days are cool; this is where you get to ride all sorts of different Harleys than the one you own after signing the scary legal document indemnifying the dealership against anyone's injury. You also agree to be responsible for any damages to the bike. I break out in a cold sweat whenever I sign one of these. Just to be familiar with Harleys other than my twin cam 103 cid Road King, I rode:

2019 Heritage Softail -  This is a deservedly popular bike. It's neither too big nor too small, and looks great. (Not as great as the Road King, but great.) I had ridden a 2018 107 cid model before; this was the hotter 114 cid version. It's feels exactly like what it is - you sit atop a big powerful engine. But it's a lot of fun and is an accessible, easy to ride bike. It doesn't have the big heavy stable touring frame of the Road King, but I'd still ride it for long distances. It is more nimble than a Road King. I'd imagine this is a great bike for negotiating twisty mountain roads.

2019 Fat Bob - The last time I rode a bike with a big wide rear tire - a Victory Hammer - it felt like that rear wheel had a will of its own. Not so with this aggressive-looking bike, which is a sporting machine. It is very quick and nimble; I was enjoying making it swerve and turning corners in it. It has pegs, however, and I found myself missing the floorboards for my big feet. Not my kind of ride, but I was glad to have been able to try it.

2019 Sportster Iron 883 - "Iron 883" is a cool name, no? There's some marketing going on, here. The Sportster, or, colloquially "Sporty," is Harley's traditional everyman bike. They start at only $9K and are meant to be something of a starter bike, or, since it has a smaller, lighter frame, a bike for women. When I got on it there was some amusement from the other guys riding with me: big guy, small bike. (The rides are led by a member of the HOGs - Harley Owner's Group - along a defined route which includes street and freeway riding. A HOG leads it and a HOG follows up in the rear.) Now that I have a bike with a 103 cid engine I found the 883cc engine wanting in low end torque - I was constantly shifting. The seat was small and made my rear end sore. The Sporty is not my ride at all and it wasn't designed to be.

2019 Road King standard - After the Sporty I wanted something my size! The 2019 has the 107 cid Milwaukee 8 engine with improved horsepower and torque over my 2016 twin cam 103, and I could feel the difference. Stock pipes... the Milwaukee 8 sounds something like an aggressive sewing machine with stock pipes. It needs aftermarket slip-ons to give it the deep throaty sound people associate with Harleys. But it's a great ride! I have ridden a 2018 M8 Road King on another occasion; I wasn't used to the mini-ape handlebars and found it a little concerning. Now that I'm used to them I prefer them. Do I want the M8 with greater power? No. I'm fine with my twin cam 103. "More horsepower will not get you out of the problems that horsepower got you into."

Another cool thing about Demo Days is my ability to climb on an unfamiliar motorcycle and just ride it. I was doing just that all last year, but now I feel more confident about it. I have to do different things with my feet in order to shift and use the rear brake pedal, but I adapted. (As it turns out, my Road King has the floorboard and shifter ideally placed so that I don't have to move my left foot at all. I rarely use the heel shifter - it's not really needed.)

11 April 2019

A brisk ride into work this morning. This time I took the I-395 Express Lane north into Shirlington. The temperature was 50 degrees, which, even when traveling at 70 miles an hour, doesn't feel especially cold to me. Riding all winter made me thoroughly acclimatized! A few people at work, seeing me come in wearing leather and carrying a helmet, ask what it is I'm riding. I squint my eyes, stare challengingly for a moment and, in my best imitation of a Sam Elliot mutter, I reply, "A Harley." This seems to satisfy the questioner.

Yesterday I showed a guy who recently bought a big expensive Road Glide Ultra the best way of getting on his bike: Put the right foot on the right floorboard, and, holding the handlebar and gripping the front brake lever (so the bike doesn't move), stand putting your entire weight on the right side of the bike, then lift your left leg over the seat and sit. This way you don't attempt to fling a leg over a backrest or a tour pack in the back. It's also easier than lifting and throwing your right foot over the seat from the low side of the bike, which is the usual way of getting on a bike with a tour pak. My way is easier and keeps your boot from scuffing some painted surface. When I described this method to him he wondered if that technique wouldn't stress the kickstand or cause the bike to lean over and fall. No. I demonstrated that it actually takes some weight off the kickstand, and even I - at 300 pounds - won't be able to overcome the weight of the bike to tip it. (I can easily get on my Road King this way and my bike is probably a hundred pounds or so lighter than his Road Glide.)

I developed this method for when I have my bike parked in the garage sideways in front of the VW and I therefore cannot get on via the low (kickstand) side. I was initially lifting and throwing my left foot over the seat, but that caused some back muscle pain. The floorboard mount technique is easier.

10 April 2019

I had a nice ride into work this morning as it's now getting lighter earlier. Pretty colors emerge in the sky at around 6 AM and I don't have the inky darkness of the dead of winter. Hooray! On a motorcycle it's always better if you can see the road ahead with some clarity. I use my high beams a lot but, still...

9 April 2019

I rode my Harley to lunch yesterday, just to get it out before the rains came. The temps were in the high 70's/low 80's, so I rode without the windshield, letting the wind blow through my armored mesh jacket. Sitting at lights was a pain but riding in the wind - feet on highway pegs - was very nice.

My Road King got a compliment from a guy where I had lunch... that happens fairly often. It is a handsome bike! I am almost as proud of that Harley as I was of my 1964 flamboyant lime-colored Schwinn Super Deluxe Sting-Ray when I was eight. Almost.

8 April 2019

Saturday was nice so we took the convertible top down in the VW. We stopped at the nearby Harley dealership and got a removable passenger backrest for the Road King, and I took my bride out for a ride to Clifton (a short ride). This was a lot of fun, and she feels much more secure with the backrest - and I don't have to worry about accelerating under her and leaving her somewhere on the road. (This was never likely to happen, but it kind of felt like it could.) The backrest, a genuine Harley-Davidson part, was expensive: HD - "hundreds of dollars."

On an intersection on the way to Clifton a guy in a BMW changed his mind at a light and unexpectedly decided to go through rather than make his left hand turn, almost pulling in front of us. BMW drivers are the worst. But don't take my word for it. More. More.

"If you ever feel like your life is a waste, reflect that there are Germans in factories who attach turn signals to BMWs."

5 April 2019

Arrraughhh! It's raining. On a Friday. Rainy and raw. All day long.

Knowing this was coming I pulled the windshield off the Road King, put on my summer mesh jacket and gloves and rode around my neighborhood at dusk yesterday for nearly an hour. Very pleasant. Unlike the ride home from work yesterday in 70 degree weather, which required my wearing the leather jacket and thick gloves I wore into work when it was 40 degrees. I need to plan better!

There was a monumental crash on I-95 (overturned truck) yesterday that tied up traffic for miles around, so I came up with a new way of taking side streets home. It took longer and involved rather long waits at lights. It was warm enough yesterday that the Engine Idle Temperature Management System (EITMS) on my bike activated: when the engine reaches a certain temperature and the bike is at idle, the fuel injector for the rear cylinder shuts down to cool things. It makes a weird puffing sound that takes some getting used to - it sounds like something is wrong with the engine. I'll be hearing this all summer... (It can be deactivated, but why do that?)

4 April 2019

I rode the Harley into work this morning. I like the ride back home better than the ride into work - it's light outside! Riding with traffic in the dark always makes me nervous. I wear a blaze orange pinafore with reflective tape that I got at the Harley factory tour; it makes me more visible. I'm looking forward to dusk arriving earlier so I can ride in the light...

1 April 2019

Yesterday marks one year from the day that I first nervously rode my new Suzuki onto the nearby commuter parking lot and ran it around, getting used to it. So I've been riding for one year. No drops or accidents yet... knock on wood. There have been a lot of minor mistakes I hope I have learned from, however. I have put a total of 8,840 miles on the Suzuki and my Harley in that first year.

On Friday I rode out to Winchester, VIDEO. The clouds kind of bummed me out - I didn't get the usual high I get blasting down the freeway, feet up on the pegs. And then it started raining lightly when the forecast said 0% chance of rain. Hmf. The forecast is for rain this Friday.

And yes, that's right, I'm looking at the weather for Friday on a Monday morning. I live for the weekends!


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21 Dec 2017 While in Utah we visited a couple of Harley-Davidson stores and investigated the idea of learning how to ride. My daughter and son-in-law are for it. My wife is for it. Most surprisingly, my father-in-law doesn't mind the idea of my riding his daughter around on the back of a Harley! So is this The Next Thing? I'm not sure. I was wondering when The Next Thing would make itself apparent to me. 28 Dec 2017 Yesterday my son and I ventured into Fairfax and looked at electric guitars and Harleys. I was shown a really nice 2017 Street King - but, no. I need to learn to ride first. The salesman hopefully suggested that if I buy the bike first I'll have the motivation to learn to ride. Why, of course! But that's not going to happen. I don't do things that way. 1 Jan 2018 On Saturday Cari and I visited the nearby Harley-Davidson dealership in Fairfax; we looked at a nice $18,000 Road King. Both got on it, in fact. But you know what? I think I prefer the Indian Springf…


28 March 2019

Permit me a word about the value of rear window defrosters, and of the automotive engineers who designed them back in the 60s or 70s. I'm talking about those thin lines of reddish material that, when 12 volts is applied to them, defrost the rear windows.

I rode the Harley into work this morning and noted a car pulling in front of me whose rear window was entirely frosted over. "Is there any need for me to see out the back? Nawww," I thought. The driver must have received my mental rebuke (I issue lots of them when I'm on a motorcycle) because, as I sat at a light in back, I watched the rear window magically clear. By the time the light had turned green he could see me.

Is there a more indispensable creature to modern civilization than an engineer? I think not.

It was 35 degrees this morning - balmy. No, seriously! I'm used to the cold weather now, and heated gloves, a thick leather jacket, long johns and a scarf under my full face helmet makes cold …

Knees in the Breeze

11 December 2018

Merry Christmas! I'm in the process of buying a 2016 Harley-Davidson Road King! It's the black police bike I linked to yesterday. (Photo) I have to either wire the money to Classic Iron in Fredericksburg or bring them a cashier's check today; I might even be able to ride it home depending upon road conditions down there. (They got eight inches of snow on Sunday night, but I'm told that Route 1 and I-95 are both clear and dry. It was sunny and above freezing yesterday and the forecast is for the same today as well.) Obviously, more on this later!

I did a quick oil change on Marva, my Suzuki Boulevard, yesterday. That bike is in great shape! Anyone want to buy it?

10 December 2018

On Friday I took a bike ride down to Fredericksburg and investigated Harley Road Kings at Classic Iron. The one I'm looking at is a black 2016 police bike. That is to say it's a police model; with only 2,000 miles on it.

I don't think it ever spent any time in use by…